I help both women and men not only look good on the outside, but make them feel their worth on the inside too


Paula Jane Self-Image & Style Coaching and Counselling Therapy


Building self-esteem from the inside and out

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • you’ve experienced or are currently going through some mental health problems
  • you suffer from anxiety and/or depression
  • your confidence has hit an all-time low
  • you feel a loss of self-esteem and worth
  • you feel adrift in your world, lost, without a sense of direction or purpose.

Then I can help you in more ways than one.

I’m a fully insured counsellor with a degree in psychology, a teaching post-graduate certificate, life coaching diploma, counselling degree, NLP foundation training as well as colour therapy and personal styling diplomas. I work in an holistic way to empower you, to build greater mental resilience and create a more positive, coherent self-image.

My services include a self-guided course on managing anxiety, anxiety and depression one-to-one counselling and a self-image and style coaching course (with one-to-one elements).

The aim of the latter is to help you evaluate your self-image, create positive change on the inside, using powerful self-discovery and self-realisation tools,  as well as positive change on the outside with style counselling and colour analysis. The end result is that you feel more confident and more positive, and you start to feel that your self-image has authenticity and congruency.



I’m Paula

In terms of my own journey. I’ve personally experienced mental health problems as far back as 30 years. But, I have grown and developed through years of training and working with people experiencing mental health issues. And yes, honestly speaking, there are some setbacks now and again.

I have trained in many areas: psychology, teaching, mental health counselling, life coaching, NLP, holistic health practices and more recently I became a personal stylist. That’s because I’ve always had a passion and love for clothes, style, fashion, colours and creativity. Also, I saw the potential to help both women and mean, specifically aspirational and high-achieving individuals who are prone to self-judgement, build their confidence and dissolve the psychological distress created by a lack of harmony between their inner and outer self-image. My desire and mission is to help them live authentically and reach their fullest potential.

What I Do

Self-Image Coaching

The aim of this coaching programme is to introduce you to evaluating and understanding your self-image, both positive and negative aspects. The outcomes are to create a congruent inner and outer self-image, reduce imposter syndrome and remove anxiety, frustration and anger around your image. You will create a stronger sense of identity and worth.

Colour & Style Counselling

This service is for you if you’re lacking confidence in picking out the right wardrobe choices. A style coaching session will help you select the right styles, fabric and fit for your shape and personality.  No more shopping faux pas. You will develop a wardrobe that works for you, reducing time and frustration when shopping. Allowing you to develop confidence in making decisions and raising your self-esteem. Feeling fabulous every time you leave the house!

Colour Analysis

In an hour long session I will provide you with an analysis of your colouring. We will look at how you can mix and match the colours that will uniquely suit you. The result: you’ll have the confidence to face anything and you’ll receive no end of compliments. You’ll also save money by not wasting it on poor colour choices.

Wardrobe Weed

I’ll help you sift through your wardrobe, assisting you in deciding what to keep and what to recycle. We’ll take account of your lifestyle, desired look and personality. I’ll help you to mix and match items so that you can better organise and create a wardrobe that is easy to manage.

Personal Shopping

An online shopping experience where I help you find the clothes and accessories to suit your colour, body shape and budget. You’ll fill the gaps in your wardrobe by mixing and matching items with what you already have. 


A full package to include the following:

  • style counselling
  • style consultation
  • colour analysis
  • wardrobe edit
  • shopping trip

Anxiety Management

This is a self-guided programme to help you to understand the mechanism of anxiety, its purpose in our bodies and how to manage it when it gets severe. A questionnaire and some tools are provided to help you evaluate and know how to tackle your anxiety.

1:1 Anxiety & Depression Counselling

I am also able to provide one on one support and counselling if you are going through some challenging times in terms of your mental health. I’ve been there and know how bad it can get.

With years of training and experience as a counsellor working with myriad clients, I can help you find your way out of the dark woods to a brighter and happier place.

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

This is an 8-week course featuring guided 1:1 sessions (approximately 50 minutes each) to reduce negative thinking, subdue self-recrimination and loathing with a view to enhancing inner peace and exercising greater self-compassion.

I completed this course myself and was so deeply impressed by how effective it was in transitioning me from negative thinking and feeling to finding inner peace, that I decided to train in this therapy in order to teach it to others.


Bethan Nia

I had a fantastic colour and style consultation with Paula. I cannot recommend her enough! She is so knowledgeable, professional, open and friendly. I have learnt so much and I am excited to now have the tools to shop with confidence – knowing what colours and styles suit my complexion and body type. The consultation is excellent value for money! Don’t hesitate, book with Paula! I promise you will not regret it!

Sarah Gibbs

I have had my colour analysis done with Paula at this company very recently. I cannot recommend it enough, Paula is very friendly and knows exactly what she is talking about. Paula was able to advise me on the season category I fall into and recommend what colours suit me/don’t suit me. I now know what colour clothing/accessories suit me to make me look and feel great. Thanks Paula

Donna Broadbent

I have recently had a colour analysis done by this company and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has last their way with colour and style over the years. Paula made me very comfortable right from the beginning. The questionnaire was very easy to complete and the presentation was very enjoyable. I learnt a lot about colours that suit me and my complexion. It made me reflect on my colour choices particularly in the make up stakes! I’ve had a colour analysis done like this in the past but the sales person was very pushy and was clearly only interested in selling her products. This company isn’t like that. Initially, I was worried I would have to throw out most of my wardrobe but this was not the case. Paula was not judgemental at all. I felt completely at ease with her. Would recommend to any middle aged woman like myself who have lost their way over the years due to family and work, who would appreciate an injection of style advice and rejuvenation.

Waltraud Unger

Paula Jane Elliot did a color analysis for me and I was blown away. I always thought of myself as a warm color person as I am NOT in favor of pinks. However, it turns out that cool tones are more flattering to me. Especially the softer blues, grays, and mauves.
The whole process was fascinating to me! Paula has a wonderful way to show you how colors impact your whole image. I now look at myself and my wardrobe in a new light. I am so glad I had Paula share her gift with me and can highly recommend her!!!


Note From My Journal
Note From My Journal

I feel for my clients. As people we suffer so much, and yet we feel we have no control over it. However, it is that lack of control over our thoughts that puts us in a negative place. Negativity is energy, just like positivity is energy. If we were told as children...

Self-Image and Consistent Success
Self-Image and Consistent Success

Can You Change? Change can be difficult, but we all want successful outcomes, creating healthier habits, e.g., exercise, organisation, healthy eating, reading, etc. Many people have good intentions for happiness, health and their relationships. However, many find it...


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