Self-Image & Style Coaching


Self-image Coaching

In this 4-week programme, I will teach you how to explore your self-image, to understand what is going on internally and externally.

You will gain insight as to how your self-image functions and use powerful and highly practical tools and coaching techniques to help create a more harmonious and positive self-image on the inside and outside.

At the end of the course you will feel more confident and consistent in your worth and self-image. You will feel less susceptible to imposter syndrome, to negative self-esteem and frustration caused by the dissonance between your internal and external self-image.

I couldn’t recommend this course enough. Paula gave me the tools and techniques to work on the areas of my life that I wanted to improve. The course is delivered in a very personal and professional way, with a strong focus on banishing those self-limiting beliefs and recognising the positives. I cannot thank Paula enough for the changes I am already feeling. – Laura L.

Time Required

Week 1: Explore & Express – to create a deeper understanding of your self image.

Week 2: Creative Visualisation & Goals – to identify self-sabotage and similar processing patterns and establish goals to embrace positive change.

Week 3: Clearing & Affirmations – to learn a process of release and forgiveness and to develop techniques to empower you and set intentions.

Week 4: Treasure Map – to design and develop an ideal self-image collage, thus creating a blueprint of your desired outcome.





Online Colour & Style Counselling

Do you lack confidence when shopping in deciding what to choose? Do you find it frustrating and end up buying on impulse: clothes that you never wear. Or could it be that you are buying the wrong style for you?

By taking into consideration your body shape, proportions, lifestyle and personality I can help you figure out the clothes that flatter and emphasise your best bits and disguise the parts you do not like, giving you the confidence to face any occasion.

A style coaching session will help you to select the right styles, fabric and fit for your shape and personality. You will develop a wardrobe that works for you, reducing time and frustration when shopping. Allowing you to develop confidence in making decisions and raising your self-esteem. You will feel fabulous every time you leave the house!

Time Required

1 hour preparation (involving completion of 2 online questionnaires).

2 hour consultation via Zoom call




Colour Analysis

Your colouring can change over time. This can be due to hair changes, skin tone and eye colour changes. It can affect your overall look. You may have experienced a colour analysis that helped you to feel more confident and are wondering what has happened, why you do not seem to be getting it right now.

The above changes can be the reason for this, hence, a new colour analysis may be required, renewing you confidence and improving your self-esteem.

My hour-long colour analysis with you will assess your colouring. This will guide you to see the reasons why I diagnose one of the seasonal pallets. During the presentation we will look at how to mix and match colours and thereafter incorporate these into your wardrobe. You will receive more compliments, feel confident to face anything, and look fabulous. Buying only colours that suit you will save you lots of time and money too.

Time Required

1 hour preparation with an online questionnaire to be completed beforehand

1 hour Zoom colour analysis and training session




Wardrobe Weed

During the wardrobe weed I will discuss with you your lifestyle, desired look, and style personality. You’ll finish up by creating wonderful outfits that serve the look you want to create and that bring out the best features in you. This will instantly inject some confidence into your self-esteem.

We will separate clothes into different categories, those that suit you and those for recycling. From the pile that suits you we will create outfits that you can wear straight away. If there are gaps in your wardrobe, we will decide on items you need to purchase to make your look work for you. We will also mix and match items to organise and create a wardrobe that is easy to manage.

Time Required

Varies according to individual requirements – service charged by the hour, minimum 2 hours required.


£100 (with successive hours charged at £50 per hour)


Personal Shopping

An online shopping trip will include discussing what it is you want to achieve, so that I can research styles and shops that you like. This will allow for a focused, comprehensive and productive session.

We will find clothes and accessories to suit your colouring and body shape. They will complement your personality and lifestyle, giving you confidence and increasing your self-esteem with regard to your self-image.

Your budget will be taken into consideration so you do not overspend, and we will ensure you do not buy sale items just because they are a bargain, but buy clothes that suit your lifestyle and personality. We will fill the gaps in your wardrobe by mixing and matching items with what you already have.

Time Required

Varies according to individual requirements – service charged by the hour – minimum 2 hours required.


£100 (with successive hours charged at £50 per hour)



A full package of all the above services in order to give you an overall boost to your look, confidence and self-esteem. Will include:

  • style counselling
  • style analysis session
  • colour analysis session
  • wardrobe edit
  • shopping trip.

Also, to build your confidence when choosing colour you can purchase a colour swatch from me. This will serve as your indispensable guide when shopping or sorting your wardrobe, so that you only pick colours that suit you and are right for your colouring.

Time Required

Full day (7-8 hours)



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