Currently we are obliged to work from home. Initially we may have enjoyed the novelty of working in this way, but nearly a year on I’m sure you’ll agree the enthusiasm may have waned considerably.

Mental wellbeing has been a major topic in the media of late, and I would imagine most individuals have experienced anxiety, if not depression, on these cold, rainy and wintry days.

Being at home, you may feel that you don’t have to dress as you would normally when going to work in an office environment. But don’t be fooled. Showing up at the office was an opportunity to dress in a way that expressed your personality and character. You were acknowledged and recognised for the way you presented yourself. But it’s equally important when you’re in your “home office” (however that may look) to look the part. It will help you distinguish work from leisure and will aid focus and productivity.

An important component of knowing how to dress for the part, to ensure that you feel and act like the elegant, successful and professional business woman you know you can be, is an understanding of colour and style.

A colour analysis could help you choose colours that flatter your face, skin, eye and hair colour. Colours can be blended together to create coordinated looks of interest and attraction.

A style analysis could provide you with the knowledge to dress according to your natural shape, whereby clothes fit, flatter and become fun to wear.

Colour brightens up our mood and knowing your correct colour and style will lift your confidence, especially when it comes to important online business meetings, networking opportunities and live interviews, and so on. Feeling good in what you wear gives you a glow that others can see, thus you’ll receive more compliments, further enhancing your body confidence.

If you are feeling low and your dress sense seems to have been lost, then you can get back on track by booking a colour and style analysis. It will help you create an easy to manage wardrobe and speed up the time spent getting dressed and shopping. It becomes more economical too as you don’t buy the wrong colour, fit and style of items. I’ve known so many women who have bought things, sometimes high-ticket items, that they’ve never ended up wearing because it really wasn’t compatible with their colour, figure or image.

Another service I offer is style counselling. This session explores underlying attachments to negative energy around your patterns of buying and dressing. You’ll gain insight into the deeper meaning beneath these patterns, allowing you to release the negative emotions through self-awareness and in so doing gain confidence and be able to dress your best every day.

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