What to do when you feel like a fraud or not deserving of success?

Do you ever feel you are a fraud and do not belong? That you do not deserve your job or the things you have achieved?
These feelings are known as imposter syndrome and it is estimated 70% of the population have experienced it.
In 1978 Pauline Rose Clance identified the notion of imposter syndrome and identified it initially in women who felt they had only achieved success through luck and did not deserve their qualifications.
Audrey Ervin believes that ‘imposter syndrome applies to anyone who cannot internalise their own successes’. Some experts believe that imposter syndrome develops due to personality traits i.e. types of anxiety and neurosis. While it is also thought it could be due to childhood experiences of family and behavioural causes, e.g. school grades never being good enough for parents or siblings being higher achievers.

Here are 3 key steps to help you deal with imposter syndrome:

  1. Acknowledge the thinking that you are experiencing
  2. Critically question these thoughts so to expose the negativity without beating yourself up in the process.
  3. Change your perception of your thinking. In other words, reframe your thoughts so that you see everything, including yourself, through a more positive lens. Those who don’t experience imposter syndrome are only different in the way they see challenges. They are not more capable or competent; they only have this positive thinking bias.

It is not the purpose to never feel like an imposter but just to be able to respond differently, so that it does not escalate into a part of your being as an individual.


How can Style Counselling help?


If you experience imposter syndrome, perhaps exploring the inner workings of your perception of yourself and your self-image can help you become aware of the aspects that hold you back. This will help you to dissolve the emotions that are keeping you stuck in an ‘imposter syndrome mindset!’

By exploring the attachments to the patterns of shopping and dressing it will unfold aspects of your subconscious mind that are driving you to stay in the same habitual ways of functioning.

If you would like a discovery call to learn how this service can help you, then please click this link to book or contact me via my contact page if you have any questions on this subject.

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