Until recent years, research by psychologists didn’t assign high importance to forgiveness as a means to improving wellbeing and confidence.
Have you been aggravated or hurt by others, left thinking, ‘I’ll make them pay for that’ or other similar thoughts?
This kind of negative thinking can cause psychological and physical issues that could be avoided through being forgiving.
Recent research suggests that people who are more forgiving more often, are less likely to experience anxiety, negative thoughts and anger, and also benefit from lower blood pressure and less facial frowning.
This indicates that if we forgive more easily, we will feel healthier and happier within ourselves. Sometimes it takes success in our own life to have the emotional power to forgive those who have harmed us.
Self-forgiveness is another concept people often ignore. If we have harmed another, intentionally or unintentionally, then there is a need to rewire our mindset to allow compassion towards ourselves as well as the other person. Also, if you find you have neglected your appearance and self-esteem then that is a devaluation of yourself and your place on this earth. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. We are all human and have made errors in judgement that may have caused harm. But what if you could find a way to understand this misplaced behaviour and value yourself enough to forgive YOU?

How Style Counselling Helps

Experiencing style counselling can help you along the path of forgiveness. A way of understanding bitterness towards the self is to embark on a journey of self-discovery with style counselling.  You will learn to understand the depth of your inner distress through exploring patterns of thoughts and behaviour related to your shopping and dressing choices. To embody your true colour and style is success in itself. This will aid in feeling happy within yourself and will enhance your wellbeing.  You will do this in such a way that you are able to distance yourself from the hurt in order that you can forgive yourself. You will form and create new neural pathways within the brain to interact more lovingly with yourself and others, with whom you may have had issues. Style and colour counselling will help rewire the neural pathways in your brain so that you become more positive in your attitude towards your body and increase overall self-confidence.

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