Looking at flowers or a plant, can you see how each individual petal or leaf is different, like people they come in all shapes and sizes, but in its own unique way each one is perfect and beautiful.

Whether you are large or small or straight or curved, you are unique and there is only one of you. You came into this world a certain way for many different reasons, including genetics that were influenced by your environment. You can try to change, lose weight, gain weight, but ultimately you must see your uniqueness and rejoice at it. You may be creative or logical or you may be a dancer, singer, or artist. You may love animals or be a people’s person. We all have a multitude of qualities.

The more you focus on the negative aspects, the more you let them grow bigger and accumulate into a negative self-image, resulting in feeding the negative gremlin that puts you down and exacerbates the negatives more and more.

When you find you’ve gone down the dark road long enough and it is time to end the power of the gremlin, then you must take small, manageable steps to a more meaningful and positive path, until you can maintain your focus to walk the path of goodness, a happy well-being and growth.

There is no end place to growth and development, we continue to  progress if we are on a healthy path until the end of our days. Accepting who we are, warts and all is part of the process, we are perfect in our imperfection.

Do you feel a sense of loss with regards to who you are, do you feel you’ve lost your way, or an aspect of your self-image has fallen by the wayside?

My self-image and style coaching program will help you uncover the underlying issues that burden you and cause a sense of negativity and lack of confidence. Forgiving the people who have contributed to your pain is part of the process and setting new goals for your ideal self-image will help you visualise and manifest your future self.


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