Can You Change?

Change can be difficult, but we all want successful outcomes, creating healthier habits, e.g., exercise, organisation, healthy eating, reading, etc. Many people have good intentions for happiness, health and their relationships. However, many find it difficult to achieve these.


How You Can Change…

It is regarded that, intentions (=why’s), habits (=how’s) and results (=what) are often our motivating factors. We are motivated to make changes to our lives, but often it is difficult to stay consistent.

Changing your self-image can help implement change to our habits. Self-image being the perception of ‘who I am’, ‘a collection of thoughts and beliefs about ourselves’. It’s shaped by previous experiences, and how people have treated us.


The Automatic Mechanism

Our brains work by the subconscious mind being the automatic, goal striving mechanism, i.e. the brain and nervous system. The consciousness controls the subconscious mechanism. The conscious mind sets a clear goal, using feedback to automatically change the course of action. The subconscious mind will automatically attempt to achieve the goal of happiness or unhappiness depending on what one sets for it.


Consistency of the Self-image

As humans we have a desire to remain consistent with how we see ourselves. We remain consistent with our self-image. Acting like the type of person you think and believe you are. The subconscious mechanism automatically works to achieve the goal of holding the self-image consistent.


Failure Thinking

Someone who sees themselves as a failure will always find a way to fail, despite all good intentions. They may even feel successful sometimes, but will find a way to self-sabotage, as the subconscious mechanism automatically adjusts life to be consistent with the self-image.


Practical Techniques

Your habits, intentions and results are all a reflection of your current self-image. When trying to create change we focus on the results or the habits we want to develop. The process starts in the wrong place.

Real change begins with a self-image change. Who (=self-image), determines your intentions and purpose (=why), which determines your habits/actions (=how), determining results/outcomes (=what).


What Should You Do to Create Change?

Focus on WHO you want to be. The subconscious then automatically adjusts other aspects to be consistent with your self-image.

Action – decide who you want to be, develop intentions, for that type of person, create habits and think of results from those habits.


Would You Like a Discovery Call?

If you’d like help in creating a self-image that fosters consistent success, then book a discovery call. We can then discuss how I can help you. Together we can identify the negative aspects of your self-image to create change in a positive way.

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