We can only be a supportive mother when we fill our own cup first


In the business I am in as a style coach and counsellor, I am fully aware of the importance of self-care. However, an awareness of it isn’t always enough. In order to be fully functional in our work and as mothers we need to ensure our needs are met to perform at our best.
Research by Barbara Riegel and Tiny Jaarsma states that the effects of self-care improve wellbeing, and lower morbidity, mortality and health care costs. They believe self-care is challenging. They have led a program to address self-care knowledge gaps to improve outcomes. They concluded that there are challenges and that the profile of self-care needs to be increased.
Bringing this in line with individual self-care, many still underestimate the true effects of taking responsibility.
As the research declares there are gaps in knowledge for people as to how to holistically take responsibility for self-care. Reasons for this need further research, whether it’s a cultural belief system and conditioning in society, or other factors.
However, we each of us can take steps in being responsible for how we feel. Feeling good can be underestimated by some, not considered an important factor and taking care of others being a priority over ourselves.
Nowadays there are lots of suggestions and information regarding self-care. I advise you search online for holistic teachers, who make recommendations on how to implement self-care. Dr Michelle Graham, interviewed recently by Esther Apoussidis, recommends creating a list of joyful activities, whether it’s a cuppa in your favourite coffee shop or simply taking time to watch a sunset. It’s whatever brings you joy in the moment of the activity. This can fill you with positive energy to enable you to tackle the more difficult tasks in life. Watch the full interview here.
As part of your self-care, have you ever thought about a colour and style counselling session? It’s a great way to discover more about yourself: the colours and styles that bring out your best features. It can also definitely boost morale and lift your self-image.
During such a session we can explore the emotional habits and patterns that influence your buying and dressing choices, and that are perhaps hindering you from feeling good about yourself. You’ll find out that self-care can be fun and enlightening.
Why not book a discovery call to find out more or use my contact page.
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